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Nairobi Dispatches

Recently, my lovely motherland has been rocked by strife occasioned by among other things, a recent general election. Without dwelling on the protagonists and antagonists, my family came together and we decided to put together a package of various items and took them to the many internally displaced people in our city, Nairobi.

It was a very fulfilling exercise, and we feel blessed to have been able to lend a helping hand to the needy. We also felt humbled by the outpouring of joy and sense of brother hood across ethnic and religious divides. We came together as a nation to heal the hearts of the afflicted and the affected. We were all guilty one way or another, affected one way or the other.

More importantly, the ordinary folks pulled together in the same direction. We are happy that normalcy and common sense is returning.

We thank God for our lovely country Kenya. May God bless our motherland.

Vision Board

Some time back in November, I went to the local stationery store and bought some manila papers. I went home and stuck them on the wall in my small home office. I then got various cut outs from glossy magazines on the various earthly stuff I want to own, from houses, cars, boats etc. It looks great on the wall. I wake up and look at it in the morning and visualize myself having those things. My mind has been opening up to many ideas on how I shall get all this stuff. It is a great feeling and I know that these things shall come to pass. When all is said and done, visual aids are powerful. Whether at work, doing a presentation to a group etc, visualization comes in real powerful.