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Here in Kenya, we are the last frontier in the digital divide. We are happy to say though that all is not lost in the struggle to emancipate ourselves from lack of submarine FOC to our shores. Thanks to lack of visionary planning, silly politics and big brother attitude, we are submarine FOCless. Just when we were beginning to get frustrated and snail-pace connections were killing us with hefty bills, there is a flurry of announcements. Submarine FOC is coming our way. All of a sudden we have like 3 cable laying ships competing to hook up our shores to the global digital village.

Meanwhile, in Kenya the ISPs are working very hard. We have all manner of supposed broadband, from Africa Online’s Infinet to KDNs Butterfly. The Kenyan government not being left in the zeal to connect the villages with FOC and setting up digital kiosks / centers, known as Pasha. While on cables, fiber of otherwise, Jamii Telecom is finishing its Nairobi metro fiber network. In essence if the ISPs in Nairobi were reading this (usually they don’t bother), they would have found out where I live, asked Jamii to extend the fiber from the roadside outside my house to a wiring closet at the basement, and then hooked my apartment. I in turn would terminate the connection to my secure wireless broadband router, and retire to my balcony and surf, barefoot.

I have alot of faith in the entrepreneurial skills of Kenyans, so do not disappoint me.

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  1. Kim on

    I’m surprised that KDN butterlfy network is so BAD in Langata Shopping center area. I here the transmitter is on Kobil opposite Uchumi Hyper. I live next to Kobil and my laptop shows me only 2sticks of network. To make it worse they layed a fibre optic cable but the network is still bad. Isn’t Butterfly supposed to use the cable to improve their network. Butterfly is even not detected most of the time. Its not only me because I have talked to many people around. Butterfly should improve their network there coz their is an estate,flats, 15+pubs&restaurants, Uchumi Hyper, Carnivore, Cockpit etc. etc. Its even a shopping center. I never expected such a place to miss Butterfly, what is the cable for then?

  2. mrkarugi on

    Thanks Kim!

    I am not very familiar with the coverage or operations of Butterfly, me not being a customer. I don’t know if they do any coverage tests after deploying their base stations. This would help them optimize their netwrok, since its pointless to sign up for a service you will not access.

    The fibre optic cable can only be used as a backhaul link from the base station to their HQ. The idea is that the base station serving you should provide the signal of good level and quality, then they can backhaul the connection using the fibre. It’s called last mile connection (between the base station and your laptop / PC). If that is missing, then you need a refund, service has not been delivered.

  3. Buju on

    Its just because they lack competition. But looking for an antenna especially an external one will help you lots.

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