Of Alexa and Blog Stats

So after a long sojurn, I am back with a bang. I have been doing some research on how traffic moves around blogs in particular. I have been keeping an eye on my Alexa traffic rank (currently at 8,71692,178). I am doing very well, since am down from over 12,000,000.

Technorati has me at 2,633,623, not bad at all!

I wanted to see the effect of regular posts, SE optimized posts, initiating a debatable post and the comments it elicits. I now have a clear picture of this, and am still doing research before launching my blog on its permanent home. Some lessons are outlined below;

1. Always write for people. People read your blogs, spiders and robots and bugs crawl it, but they cannot read. Write to entertain and add value to your readers lives, thats why they are giving you their precious time.

2. Blog on topics you are passionate about, and then the rest will follow, no? The passion part is about you sticking to your blog routine without outage. If you are passionate about a topic, write about it. I am still amazed at the Icanhascheezburger blog (a whopping 1,322 on Alexa rankings). Thats what bloggin is about, content with passion for people (or by people).

3. Blog first, then hog later. The food shall come, and come in droves, but blogging with just the money in mind (with my money on my mind, and my mind on the money) will lead to you wriiting for Google, and its spiders. The your blog will be a banner site, and readers have to hunt for content.

What are your thoughts on this? Please comment.

3 comments so far

  1. Rod on

    Yup, all good advice. I think the thing to take from stats is not necessarily your current absolute position, but the trend. In other words, is your Alexa increasing? Technorati? From what you say I gather it is, so well done. Keep writing, and in a few months time, who knows how high you’ll be?

  2. Peter Njenga on

    I so agree.
    Google says, “Focus on the people. Their lives, their work, their dreams.” The rest will surely come.

  3. mrkarugi on

    Amen to that!

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