Make Money Online and Offline

This topic has been exhaustively discussed on the blogosphere. I must add my solitary voice to the issue. The traditional methods applied by most of us lean towards using time-tested and age-old ways to gain financial freedom. Ironically this seeking of “freedom” is done in ways that leave us shackled and detained for the best part of our lives in corporate structures. These are structures we have no control over. The greasy pole that is the fabled coporate ladder is indeed tedious to climb. And once at the top, the drop is precipitous, since you don’t own the greasy pole. Why work so hard to build something you don’t own? Why not own a corporate laddder and let the others who want to climb it do so?

We work tirelessly to climb up the ladder of corporations we do not own. We work hard to enrich the shareholders, while earning sufficient money to keep us afloat through life. Then we are either fired ot retire into oblivion, and try to build our business at an advanced age, all in panic mode. This is not the way to build or work towards financial freedom.

The way out of the rat race (whose winning just makes you a fat no. 1 rat) is by using leverage to accelerate the movement from nothing to freedom. Leverage has been variously described as the use of a little effort to achieve an exponential result. In regards to money and finances, Dictionary defines it as “the use of a small initial investment, credit, or borrowed funds to gain a very high return in relation to one’s investment, to control a much larger investment, or to reduce one’s own liability for any loss”.

Another one is………. strategic advantage; power to act effectively; “relatively small groups can sometimes exert immense leverage”. This model has been used efectively in various ways both online and offline to make money.

Online, the obvious one is affiliate or referral marketing. Network marketing is also included here.

I will expound on how we can take advantage of levarage to gain financial freedom in subsequent posts. I will also explore what options are available online for this method.

Post your comments please.

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  1. Peter Njenga on

    Nice post.
    Keep it coming…

  2. mrkarugi on

    Thanks Peter!

    I will do my best to stay relevant to my readers needs.

  3. Ten years ago I read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and decided that I want to get out of the rat race.

    I became financially free in 2006 through building a network marketing business. Today, time freedom is a reality for me.

    It works, so long as you put in enough time and effort into it!

    Willy Lim
    The Financially Free Advisor
    InterNETwork Marketing in Asia

  4. mrkarugi on

    Thanks Willy!

    Its really heartening to find like minded souls on the Net. Nothing is better than freedom —- the free time is used to empower mankind and leave a lasting impression on Earth.

    Only proper use of leverage can do that.

  5. Salman on

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  6. Nitta on

    I agree with you.
    Now, I have been trying to study about internet marketing and home based business. My aim absolutely for financial freedom….

  7. Bultanaetly on

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