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Things are truly heating up in the Internet access front. Not to be outdone by the mobile networks, AfricaOnline through their product, Infinet, has launched a competitive pricing scheme. They claim you can now get internet access at 5/- per MB. Translation, you purchase 100MB bandwidth for 500/-. This is in direct competition to Safariom 3G which is unit priced at 8/- per MB, and Zain which is unit priced at between 8/- and 16/-, depending on the bundle you sign up for.

AfricaOnline go ahead and load you with equipment cost @KES. 8,120/-, external antenna @ 8,000 + VAT (if required – they will do a signal test first in your premises), installation charges @ KES. 3000 etc. I got tired at this point, feeling as if they were punishing me for wanting to use their service. Still its a great service soine they guarantee (whatever that means) that you shall get the bandwidth youpay for.

Elsewhere, Econet is set to enter the market with a 3G network. The operator had better be on air by November. “We intend to have a well managed and reasonably priced package for our customers. The technology is designed to enable mobile operators to offer its users a wide range of more advanced services including high speed data, while achieving greater network capacity though improved spectral efficiency,” said the firm’s Managing Director Michael Foley. Underline high speed data. Mr Foley we are waiting to put your words to test.

AccessKenya launched their access@home product at the Jockey Club. Their website has alot of elaborate prose on the service. I am watching their product with alot of interest.

Not to be left behing, KDN are laying fibre all over the city. I was pleasantly surpised to learn that the residential block I live in somewhere in the city is all cabled up. Actually they want to terminate their fibre cable at the gate house, and run more cables to the four apartment blocks. The customers then get a router where the cable is terminated. Cost 5,220/- per month for 128/256kbps shared. Repeat, shared. At least these guys are honest. Am waiting.

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  1. Peter Njenga on

    I agree that the battle for clients is surely heating up.
    I have just been writing about Orange’s entry into the market last week. See the post here:
    I feel that Econet has a lot of ground to cover upon launch. Offering 3G right from the start might be a good USP.
    What is your take on all this?

  2. Nawaz on

    Well, Econet surely have something up their sleeve. Now that 3G has hit the market with Safaricom, expect Zain and Econet to follow suit. Orange, i think, would prosper with their fixed line broadband connections.
    We should have at least another 3G operator by the end of the year. That will surely bring down the prices considering the fact that these operators will be looking more at building a huge market base rather than raking in profits.
    The profits will flow in once the fibre-optic cable lands and prices go south coz they would already have end-users who most likely will be reluctant to move to another provider coz of initial costs normally involved with the process.

  3. Sven B. Svensson on

    Well whats the “big” thing about download/MB ?
    Dont you know you are beeing kept in the dark?
    First of all, what you should pay for is the SPEED!
    Nothing else matters. You dont want to clog up your machine while downloading 1GB or so. Whats the meaning with that?
    And secondly who is interested in sitting at home with an empty cable and no top-up? Unlimited access should never be an option.
    Demand to know what speed they can guarantee. I mean who want to download 10 MB for an hour.. Not me.


  4. Stanley Kariuki on

    Your site is one of the fastest and most efficient in Kenya. I need the best internet sites from Kenya and also from the rest of the world.

  5. Christopher on

    Does any of you know what speed Safaricom or Zain offers? 1st, is Zain on 3G?
    Im in the dark on this.
    Please assist

    • Guru on

      It is difficult to say exactly what speeds the operators offer, but browse through their websites and you will find out.

      Actual throughput speed is affected by many factors including network coverage, quality of signal received, traffic on the base station serving you, terrain, indoor or outdoor etc

      Zain is currently testing their 3G network, Safaricom has 3G live.

  6. Buju on

    Truth of the matter is that no mobile network can guarantee speeds since they use their radio resources on a shared based with voice taking precedence over data. With the drop in call rates more resources will be used up by voice and data will be impacted. In a nut shell it really depends on number of users in a particular cell towers, call load not to mention your signal strength/quality.HTH

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