Wananchi wana Zuku

There is a new kid on the block, Wananchi’s Zuku. They are promising triple play (TV, broadband, phone). Read on.

I was happy the phone was answered on the first ring. Dial 020-329 2900 for the Sales team. Good start. Make sure you talk to Pauline, she always calls back.

Internet connection: They hook you up with a wireless connection (some drilling on your wall for the outdoor unit, cable to indoor unit then connection to your PC or switch in the house). For a damage of KES. 2,999 per mo’ you enjoy 256kbps, shared, repeat shared. The sales lady told me I should get 60-80% of the bandwidth I pay for, since its shared. I told her I would measure that and harass them later if I got less. Installation charges @ KES. 5,800. If you want to use a laptop to enjoy the service, a wireless modem will set you back KES. 7,500. That is for techophiles who want to roam their backyards or balcony while surfing. Important: They have to confirm if the signal is available in your area before you sign up. Nice touch.

For cable TV (delivered through fiber-optic cable), they offer various packages from 1,160 to 3,999 per month. You get a decoder with a smart card and you can veg your way to a couch potato. Installation, KES. 5,800. Again, they confirm that the cable is available in your area before you sign up.

If you sign up for both TV and internet, installation is only 5,800. The phone service will be available at a later date.

Call 020-329 2900 for details, email: sales@zuku.co.ke, or go here

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  1. Albert on

    This is an awesome blog….keep up the good work!!

  2. Alex on

    Mmmmmh…..thats a good one. Its is like I will be dumping DSTV soon (..?)

  3. Peter on

    This is a good offering, given that Zain’s unlimited internet is quite slow now in the wake of significant migration to and calls from VUKA.

    How I wish Wananchi had a map or listing of their coverage on their very impressive ZUKU web site: http://www.zuku.co.ke/broadband/

    In my opinion, whoever offers mobile WiMAX broadband (IEEE 802.16e 2005) will be the best value for money. Wonder if One Communications is planning such a rollout.

  4. Charles on

    Wananchi deserve kudos.this is a brilliant entry in the market.lets wait and see if it picks and holds.and Alex dont dream of dumping DSTv!trust me its as good as it gets,and the Zain modem works just fine with considerably good speeds.

  5. 31337 on

    anyone experiencing installation problems with zuku?

  6. musyoki on

    Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired especially after you’ve paid. I almost called to cancel my order but decided to tough it out just for a taste.

  7. Eliud Wasike on

    ZUKU is fooling and cheating Kenyans by this half price thing they are offering. They know that in about 3 weeks Kenya will
    be connected to 2 undersea fiber optic cables, Seacom&Teams. This will reduce costs by upto 10 times. Currently ISPs in Kenya pay
    6000$ duplex for capacity because they use satellite but now they will be paying 600$ duplex for even better capacity. So by
    ZUKU charging 5000/= for the 1Mbps megasurf product is very expensive, I bet some ISPs will charge 2500/= for the same
    in 3 weeks time. They just want to hook Kenyans paying 5000/= for 6 months for a service which will be 2500/=, do not be
    fooled and rush to pay and sign stuff, wait, that is still too expensive. KDN manager Kai Wulff said in the May 15 Business Daily
    that their Butterfly wireless service will be free when they start using the undersea cables. Butterfly wifi was charging 2800/= monthly
    for unlimited use but it will now be free, it tells you how cheap stuff should be. Safaricom are also cheating and fooling people claiming they have an offer for their 3G
    service. It is not a limited offer, it is a forever price reduction. Even that 3G modem will be much cheaper than 4000/= very soon.
    There will be too much competition and cheap and free internet. So do not buy any service, modems and shit for now. Things are
    even going to get cheaper and free in 3 weeks time. Buy nothing for now.

    • Guru on

      Hallelujiah to that! Thanks Ndugu Wasike, we need more incisive comments to educate Kenyans.

  8. johnny on

    wow,am also gonna say halelujah to that,ok lemme ask something here,av bin using zain uhuru net n its arnd 20kilobytes/sec round the clock unlke earlier on…so where does zain stand in the whole fibre optic scenario?do i also get anything special at my end in “3weeks time?”

    • Eliud Wasike on

      To make use of that high capacity zain is upgrading to 3G(HSDPA) instead of the EDGE you may be using now. So new customers will buy 3G modems or have 3G phones to get the best speeds. As for the edge you are using now, I think that speed will rise to the maximum edge can transfer. They will have to reduce that cost of edge from 3000/= because edge cannot transfer at very high speeds like HSDPA(3G). But I think you will have to buy a 3G modem, speeds will be too high to rely on edge. With 3G you might be paying 1500/= monthly for 100KiloBytes per second download speed when the undersea cables are in use. Of course Zain will use the undersea cables, everybody will, even DSTV

  9. Eliud Wasike on

    The maximum speed you can ever get on Edge is 29kilobytes per second in practice but theoretically 59 kilobytes per second. On 3G the maximum is 1.8 megabytes per second. Note that ISPs usually advertise in bits not Bytes to fool people. When you see an ISP saying 256Kbps divide that by 8 to make it 32KBps. A lower case b means bits and capital B means Bytes. So always remember to divide by 8. Like when ZUKU says megasurf can download at 1Mbps they mean megabits per second which is actually 125KiloBytes per second. I wish there were more blogs to advise Kenyans. Please pass this messages to as many Kenyans as you can before ISP make fools out of them for the coming 3 weeks

  10. johnny on

    Ok wht u are saying am already quite familiar with,and I alredy have a huawei e220 3g modem..they sell u tht whn you are taking the contract..what am trying to ask here and around is whether Zain will have overhauled their systems to 3g and gone 3g live before/as soon as the fibre goes operational.This because my contract expires this august and i wouldnt hang arnd an edge isp while smone is doin 3g…so any info on zain 3g and the expected rollout tme?..Oh and i think we should discussing this be here;https://mwendariungu.wordpress.com/2008/09/03/of-safaricom-and-a-3g-hotspot/

  11. Rinkline on

    June 27 cannot should be brought foward in my Calender, this stuff is VERY VERY Good!
    Am using a KDN service to run a Cyber in Rural Kenya, suprisingly it is holding on remarkably well. Am looking foward to the Under sea cables to improve on Download speeds.

    If possible, do not renew the Zain Contract, am on one myself till Feb, 2009. I dont even use the thing because it does not work as expected. This guys are literally STEALING from people. I will be dumping anything Zain as soon as I finish with this contract. They don’t have a time frame for the 3G.

    @Eliud Wasike
    Thanks for the Info, Keep up the good work. We all need to be shown the way by people like you who Know it. Thanks alot!

    • Eliud Wasike on

      KDN is the best because they are the ones offering most internet capacity in Kenya even to Zain via satellite. Also the fiber optic backbone in Kenya is by KDN, they have connected most boosters in Kenya. KDN will be supplying bandwidth to other comapnies from Mombasa. They are not necessarily an ISP, they specialise in selling bandwidth. Their Butterfly wireless service will be free when they start using the undersea cables. I will never have to pay to surf as I am in a Butterfly hotspot.

  12. Eliud Wasike on

    Kenyans should avoid buying Internet modems tied to companies. It is better to buy an independent modem which you can interchange SIM cards. This is because modem internet is shared meaning if you using one booster with many people at the same time the speed may be very slow or go down completely. I see people buying Safaricom modems but they will be very upset especially when Safaricom introduces unlimited use for monthly fixed payments. People will be leaving downloads all day and night and incase you are many users using a single booster you will be in problems. Just like how Safaricom voice used to go down on congested hours. People will not get good speeds if many people buy it, it will be having congestion. Buy something you can change. Please send this advice to as many Kenyans as you can.

  13. Mwangi on

    What I get from this is that KDN is the best way to go, we run an office with 5 computers do they offer internet services for small firms? And at how much? Or do we wait for the butterfly wireless which will be free.

    • Guru on


      Great to hear from you! I am not sure you will benefit from the various providers available. Am not sure Butterfly is free, since am already using it at a fee, but its a good service. KDN offers services to all customers, individuals, small firms, large firms….everybody. Check your email.

  14. Rinkline on

    Foward the Email with the reply to your question from Guru. Am very curious to read the responce.

  15. kevin sagide on

    Hi,am shopping for an isp for home usage at the moment something that offers high speed for downloads and cost effectiveness at the same time.somebody advice me on what to go for.

    • Guru on


      Thanks for your comment.

      Try Access Kenya, access@home product. Their contacts, Ground Floor Museum Hill Centre, Nairobi: Tel (254 20) 360 01 00 or email access@home.co.ke

      Also speak to KDN for Butterfly ADSL – Citadel Building, 6th Floor Westlands, along Muthithi Road: Tel +254 020 5 000 000, Fax: +254 – 020 – 828 685
      Email: info@kdn.co.ke

      They both offer superb packages with great speeds and cost effectiveness. You could always sign up for Safaricom Bambanet, as an alternative.

      Good luck.

  16. Tinskiz on

    Hey ya’l last yr i installd zuku nd i used it 4 lyk 3 months however i stopd paying then cz i instald dstv.Nyhu my net continud 2 work 4 lyk 2 months free! I dnt knw y bt it stopd a few days ago nd i need internet back.Am scard if i fika thea n they tel me 2 pay for those 2 mnths!Ebu help pliz.Thnx

  17. Yudi Bagus on

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    • Guru on

      Thanks Yudi, will keep posting to the best of my ability.

  18. Maxwell Muriuki on

    I paid for connections 3 weeks ago and had been promised that installation would be immediately. Kindly advice on any progress as now getting impatient tired of going to cyber when I have already paid for internet connections. I paid through a salesman by name Jayson, his very busy number is 0736145485.


  19. Sam on

    Zuku service is shit. I paid for installation 6 weeks ago and was told by the sales man that they will have me up and running in 5 working days..That was in the beginning of Oct, 2010..
    Now, whenever I call (that’s few times daily, and getting the customer service is all a nightmare..) for the installation day I am told that someone will get in touch.. That SOMEONE am dealing with, is called Darius.. He seems to be working on commission basis and is total LIAR and a CONMAN.
    I also have a Wananachi email account and a Zuku Internet account.. I will migrate to DSTV and Access Kenya. Cheap is not the best, I have learnt. Its better to pay a little extra and have a hassle free life.

  20. sophie on

    am interested in installing internet i live in kasarani .when i was at ngumba i was told there was no connection now ve moved how can you help me my number is 0724963911

  21. chiriii on

    hey guys, i have tried orange n i thinks its the best so far, its reliable n affordable, despite the fact that their competitors are trying to kill them by vandalizing their cables. its the best!!

  22. Willystone Makori on

    I need a reliable,shared and fast internet . Was thinking of (1) Zuku fibre broadband (Turbo4- 4mbs):Kshs.2,999(installation fee)+kshs.1,999(monthly payment), (2) access@home:Kshs.8,500 (installation) + kshs.4,000(monthly payment) and (3)KDN : kshs.15,000 refundable 2yrs(installation) + kshs.999(monthly payment).. Can somebody advise me which on them is the best in terms of speed and sharing? Thanks

    • Guru on

      I would put my money on Zuku fibre (make sure you actually have a fibre, and NOT Wimax connection).

    • Voom on

      hi just thot to check on you were you able to get relaible internet??…i think safaricom wimax wireless is the best.hola back …email me if you wana know more..

    • Voom on

      if you still need help then we should talk more…safaricom is the best!!..hola at my email ad

  23. Nat on

    Make sure you have the fibre connection with Zuku.

    We’ve been waiting FOUR MONTHS for Zuku to install it in our neighbourhood (their map online has a line going through our compound, so I don’t know what the problem is).

    I’m looking for any other provider right now because I’m so depressed with how bad Zuku have been.

  24. Voom on

    just joined

  25. Fred on

    can anyone tell me how good zuku cable tv is,i talked to their customer care guys but i didnt clearly get them on their viewership packages on offer. And by the way who offers the best internet service out there,at the best rates,on a pound for pound basis,i keep hearing about access kenya but what are youre opinion,is zuku all that given the low cost and all

  26. chao kimwele on

    hi.i have a shop Beauty Trix on mfangano street Mecca building.My tel numbr is 0722956314 id like to install internet but worried about fundi lies kenyan style of we will come first thing in morning which never comes.I dont want this stress.i would like to pay for a year the fibre optic one.can zuku call me immediately to arrange process?thanks

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