Linux and Us Kenyans

Alot has been posted on the comments forum of my star post on 3G networks, Internet access in Nairobi and Kenya. A new crop of young Kenyans are emerging chanting the Linux mantra. And we the older geezers (MS-DOS, BASIC, DBASE I, II and III and Wordperfect crowd) are nodding our collective heads.

While my experience with Linux is rather scanty (never mind that I advise you on this post on how to reset a forgotten password in Ubuntu), I do have a dual boot WinXP / Ubuntu 7.04. I also have the Ubuntu 8.04 CD somewhere on my crammed shelf and am awaiting delivery of Ubuntu 8.10, thanks to our brothers @ Canonical. Feel free to contact me for a copy.

Recently at a shopping mall in Nairobi, I lit up my trusty hp laptop, fired up Ubuntu and was surfing away in seconds, bila configs. I did lots of stuff, watched videos, burned CDs and DVDs, backed up my work to an external disk, wrote poems (see my other weakness here) and basically felt good while surfing for free, using free software. That’s how the world should be like, no?

NB: Is anybody working on Kenux……a Kenyan flavoured distro of Linux. I think Asianux is already on, Google it.

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  1. jades on

    typical of us kenyans. you get a free CD from Canonical, burn it and sell to the techno fools. Install themes on your PC, walk around with pirated software and call yourself a ‘geek’. You geeks on this forum, when was the last time you contributed a line of code to the numerous OS projects. Thats ‘open source’not ‘operating system’. Geek

  2. johnny on

    Jades,Jades,Jades!!before firing Shahab missiles(heard of those?) at those of us selling “free and open source” linux operating systems around you need to google around and know what and how much Linux has to offer today,how far it has come,its inception,child steps,growth,current status in the software industry and the distribution dynamics of each Distro.You seem to have an idea about ubuntu and the canonical peopple,but to you also need to self decolonise your mind of the “linux is Ubuntu” notion that most us are sick of and realise that ubuntu is linux and not the other way round,dont get me wrong I have nothing against ubuntu BUT the LINUX FRATERNITY SPANS MUCH WIDER AND RUNS FAR DEEPER than UBUNTU,ever heard of opensuse,mandriva,pclinuxos,sabayon?well I dont think so because if you did you would know that these dont ship for free like Ubuntu does;You order and pay for postage online,or download the whole 4.3GB from their download mirrors,that takes around 250 night hours to complete.Am on Zain`s uhurunet and have that much love and patience for linux so I dont mind the hours,Neither do I mind making a few bucks of such downloads,see what I mean?I fish the distros from nowhere and place them right on your doorstep,thats what we call service dude,and service is a commodity,and commodities are sold!!
    About the so called geeks,thats up to you and Job Kingori,the point here however is to share ideas and experinces to lubricate our E-lives.Some of us are not even in IT,me for example;am an aquatic scientist in the making at Egerton,The point here is;Share knowledge,educate,tell what you know and learn what other peopple know!!!
    And dont forget to check out my posts at

    • mrkarugi on

      Right on Johnny! Let us support each other by sharing knowldege with respect and love. This is how we shall build our nation. We may not all be proficient code crunchers (I know I am not), but we each contrubte to FOSS in our small ways, either as users, researchers, etc

      Lets us love, not hate.

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