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Internet in Kenya

Fellow Kenyans! At least that is how I will be starting my speeches after my
inaugration…..but I digress. I wanted to create a new forum for the user
experience with Internet access in Kenya. Be it at home, at work, on the move, in your village, in a cyber, in school, in a cyber in the village, on your mobile device etc

Let us share and educate each other. Post in the comments section below and I shall update the post with the comments, editing for clarity, brevity and to remove repetition.

I would like to chronicle pre and post fibre optic cable Internet connectivity in Kenya.

NB: Am very keen on Linux users….am told you can “tweak” your connection speeds in Linux.

I shall go first….I work from my balcony at home (but I don’t say). Currently am using KDN residentail broadband solution, a.k.a Butterfly. They have installed a wireless modem in my crib, my laptop is wi-fi ready (of course), so I hook up from the balcony, bila shoes! They have various packages ranging from 100/- to 5K, I think. The difference is the speeds and duration of connection. Am currently on 2,990/- for a whole month, unlimited! Contact Icon Telesec, the service resellers and installers on or +254 20-386-0023 (office)

If only KDN could update their Butterfly website with these details, I would be happier. While I have yet to achieve the speeds Joe Gathu speaks of, am happy with the price / service. Once the FOC down the road from my crib is hooked to our gatehouse, am sure bandwidth will improve. We are currently on a wireless backhaul to the KDN network.

So post your expreriences below, and I will pick the items and update this post categorized by provider. Also feel free to email me your guest blog post for consideration as a full post on the same topic.

Happy surfing!

Yes We Did!

I spent the whole day 20th Jan as as couch potato. Reason? Our very own Barack Hussein Obama was taking oath of office in Washington DC, as the 44th president of the US of A. By “our” I mean, Kenyans.

I happened to be on a day off my very busy schedule, and just veg’ed out on the couch, remote in hand, an assortment of drinks and lots of munchies.

I was awed by the technology and gadgetry on show at the inaugration ceremony. For me, it took too long, lots of slow moving diginitaries, all manner of traditions and stuff. Of course we were represented by Pres. Obama’s granny, Sarah, from Kogelo here in Kenya. There were are a few other family members, right behind Pres. Obama. I shall hunt for those pictures and show case them here.

At 12noon Eastern Time (8pm Kenya time), our “very own” became president, by default! The US constitution stipulates that on 20th January, the year after elections, at noon, the President-elect become President, with or wthout taking the oath of office. He took his oath about 8minutes later. That’s awesome! The official webiste for the Whitehouse was spot on and a quick refresh showed a new website. There is a sign up page where the Obama government can keep in touch with its people. Alot we can learn as Kenyans. Very cool stuff in there.

Over at, there is an awesome technology on showcase, photosynth. Photosynth is a Microsoft technology that creates 3D spaces from anyone’s 2D photos. They used over 140 photos taken at “the moment” Pres. Obama took oath, all synthesized to create a 3-D image. Satellite imagery was also on hand to mark the occassion. Truly awesome!

A big thanks to CNN for keeping me on the couch all day long. Awesome and historical!