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The Fibres are Coming!

Seacom have promised to pop the champagne corks on 27th June 2009. Mark that on your diaries people. This is the story form their website  (

Brian Herlihy, SEACOM President, said: “We are delighted to have actual cable in the water and the count-down to June has begun.

“We have made tremendous progress since our groundbreaking in Mozambique last November and we can now sense a real level of excitement for SEACOM’s arrival. Through my travels, I continuously meet people who speak about the many ways they intend to exploit the world of broadband which is about to reach Africa.

“I am also most pleased with our recruitment successes and the fact that SEACOM was able to source the necessary skills to operate the cable from African talent. We are inundated with highly qualified candidates and hiring almost all of our employees from African labour pools.

From June 2009, southern and eastern Africa will finally get truly connected to international broadband networks. Plentiful and readily available bandwidth will result in lower telecommunications costs and new opportunities across many sectors that will include the call center and business process outsourcing industries. Other life-enhancing disciplines such as educational, clinical and scientific research, which rely on the real-time sharing of data around the world, will also become a reality for many Africans organisations.

They go on to say

SEACOM has also been preparing to provide services to customers by June and recruited over ten experienced local telecommunications professionals from India, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania to operate and maintain the cable stations. Many of these personnel have already been trained at the SEACOM Network Operations Centre in India and are now participating in the testing of the system as it is being installed. A complementary set of personnel is being recruited and will start training in March. These teams will also work with the landing partners’ operators in Egypt and Djibouti. SEACOM is pleased to have been able to tap into the huge resource of talented young African telecommunication professionals, who are now ready to provide customers with the required support from June onwards. Project progress here

So moving on………….

The question, fellow Kenyans is, what shall we do with ALL that bandwidth? ISPs, are you preparing the last mile to our offices, scholols, colleges, universities, hospitals, and homes ? Are you packaging solutions for us? We do not eant to waste time with the fibre optic cable landed and terminated in M0mbasa.

What think you, fellow Kenyan?