Is Safaricom Internet Screaming Fast?

Just got off the superhighway using Safaricom Bambanet, and my tyres are still smoking! I still cannot believe the speeds I experienced! Have the speeds increased, nay, skyrocketed? It was too fast for a typical Kenyan like me who is used to snail speed Internet.

What is the experience of you Bambaneters? How is the speed? Is your airtime getting finished too fast? Does anyone know how Safaricom calculate the actual download / upload usage?

Some users are aghast at the speed, not of the connection, but of the airtime being depleted at speeds greater than those inside the fibre optic cable.

Enlighten us people. What’s your experience?

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  1. Jonas on

    Just a few days after SEACOM arrived I had the same hallelujah moment. It is amazing – they must have connected to SEACOM just as it landed.

    Still at 1.2 – 1.4 mbps during work hours! Unfortunately this is eating credit too quickly so looking for another solution. 512kbps broadband unlimited usage for a fixed price would be perfect but unfortunately the Broadband/ ADSL providers have not adjusted their speeds to the cables yet.

    Let’s pray for TEAMS 🙂

  2. rianui on

    I feel you too guys. The speeds are amazing!…of the web and more, of how fast airtime evaporates as well. Competition is great. I went to Telkom/ Orange and enquired about their speeds, which they told me were more than amazing as they are using the latest 3G technology and have super speeds as well. The modem they were selling at 10k is now about 3,999 or so….again compe is good. What I liked about their service (which I havent used yet :)) is that their charge per mb is far much cheaper (to even less than 50%!!) compared to Safaricom’s when you buy an equal amount of bundle….say 1gb of Safcom to 1gb of Orange.

  3. Tobias on

    Guys the speeds are good, very good but I am sure we could all do with great speeds and moreover, you do not have to worry about the minutes evaporating or did some one say vaporizing faster? Check out Sovaya,s wireless internet broadband offerings! Have you imagined breathtaking speeds for a whole month with no quotas? I mean unlimited usage or only 1 shilling per minute scratchcard available through M-pesa? With your WiFi enabled laptop or desktop you could be surfing and paying as you use. Image how much data you could download for a whole month for a paltry Kshs. 4,002 (VAT inclusive). I just joined Sovaya Communications and you need to get hooked up guys! fire a mail to and watch us deliver the crazy speeds every minute!

  4. Sven B. Svensson on

    Hey, what are you comparing with ??? I got 15-20 Mbit/sec every day 24/7 and it cost me 800ksh/month.
    Stop those corporate thieves to measure your downloads/MB thats theft. They have agreed on fnk you over since you dont seem to know the score. That backbone is big enough for kenyans connected today to the internet to get 10-20 Mbit/s easy. Dont belive everything they say. They are corporate thieves…. Kenyan style,,


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