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Sovaya Broadband Internet

RE: Internet Broadband Service Offer.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to our Organization. Sovaya was established in 2004 as a Wireless Local Loop Operator. We are a Wireless broadband service provider that combines carrier-grade toughness with exceptional performance, security, ease-of-use, and scalability. More information on the company is available on request.

Sovaya provides multiple services such as high speed Internet, IP video surveillance, Voice over Internet Protocol, and network to homes and businesses over a fixed WiFi wireless broadband platform.

To achieve these Sovaya communication has adopted a wide range of products to complement established businesses and provide complex systems solutions to the IT world.
We have formed business alliance with major players in the IT industry and have trained personnel to meet the demands of our clients.

Our Product Offerings

Wireless Internet services
Surveillance IP cameras
E-mail services

1. Internet services

We offer wireless internet connectivity.

We do not charge;

installation fee or equipment cost

2. Surveillance cameras

We provide Sovaya IP solutions.

IP surveillance uses internet to transmit images to enable remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world.

Other advantages include;

Remote accessibility
Easy future proof integration
Scalability and flexibility
Cost effectiveness

3. Email services

Email has become an integral part of everyday communication for both business and personal use. We offer the following services:

Domain registration
Domain transfers
Mail servers for corporate clients
Outlook configuration
Personal Sovaya email

4. Bandwidth
Our standard Service Offerings are in Shared Bandwidth.

Dedicated Bandwidth is available on request.

Service Offerings:

Pay per usage Kshs. 1 per/min
64 kbps uplink/160 kbps downlink Kshs. 4,002.00
128 kbps uplink/256 kbps downlink Kshs. 9,280.00
128 kbps uplink/386 kbps downlink Kshs. 14,442.00
256 kbps uplink/512 kbps downlink Kshs. 22,040.00
320 kbps uplink/700 kbps downlink Kshs. 29,000.00
512 kbps uplink/1 mb downlink Kshs. 40,600.00
1 mb kbps uplink/2 mb downlink Kshs. 72,268.00

Pay per usage Kshs. 1 per/min
256 kbps uplink/256 kbps downlink Kshs. 18,560.00
512 kbps uplink/512 kbps downlink Kshs. 34,800.00
1 MB uplink/1MB downlink Kshs. 60,320.00
128 kbps uplink/256 kbps downlink Kshs. 91,640.00
kbps uplink/512 kbps downlink Kshs. 108,576.00

We can also custom tailor the service to specific demand.

We do not charge you any installation fee and we do not charge you for the equipment either.
All prices are inclusive of 16%vat.


Tobias Otieno Obura

Sovaya Communications Ltd.

Mobile: 0721 992 457

Vote for Your Kenyan ISP

Fellow Kenyans……….we are chronicling the build up of post fibre optic cable connections. We would like you to vote for your ISP below. This is more of a poll to see WHO is providing WHAT. So go ahead and vote. Also put your comments to enlighten us. Talk about sales service, connection, setup, configuration, after sales service, and the service delivery in general.

images images3 images4

Bring it out in the open, so that the ISPs can start waking up! Thanks in advance.

Broadband Kenya: Dr. Bitange Ndemo Cracks The Whip

Our beloved government has woken up and smelt the coffee. We need real broadband, not lofty adverts by ISPs about how “connected” they are and how many kilometres of fibre thay have laid in various places.

Information Permanent Secretary Dr Bitange Ndemo said on Tuesday that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were still making obscene profits from the high cost of bandwidth despite the operationalisation of the fibre optic cables.

“They are being mischievous. We have been talking about $6000 per Megabyte, telling us that they are lowering to $600 which from our calculation their payback would be in less than six months that is not what we want,” he stressed.

It was widely believed that with the coming live of the SEACOM and The East African Marine System (TEAMS) cable, the cost of bandwidth would come down significantly but this has not happened.

Yes Daktari, read the riot act. We need real broadband connections, not advertising and endless “promotions” hoodwinking us to buy “bundles” and all manner of monthly contracts. When you get home, fire up your PC and connect, nothing. You actually miss your old dial-up line, at least it worked at a certain low speed, and you got what you expected.

“We have many options but it’s always good to leave the competition to push the pricing down, but it doesn’t the regulator (Communication Commission of Kenya), would step in,” the PS emphasised. Mr PS, please ensure the CCK steps in now.

Dr. Ndemo did not stop there, read on.

He said the argument that the providers have increased capacity for the same pricing is not valid since majority of Kenyans cannot access affordable and after internet connectivity.

“That is nonsense. If Kenyans are not able to afford, then I’m not happy because for me to ensure that the economy grows it is to make broadband available to Kenyans. But now it cannot be used, not many people have this in their homes,” he complained.

Yes Dr, we need to cut out this nonsense!

Moving on, we also need Kenyans to stop sitting on their laurels and do something about connecting themselves to the information superhighway, creating content and addding value to the body of knowledge. Being mere consumers of pre-packaged, pro-Western content is unhealthy.

That is my 2-cents worth, what is yours? Comment below.

Joomla Site Support

We are looking to engage a full time Joomla Site Support resource to
manage our web portals developed in Joomla. We shall enter into a
formal contract for the services to be rendered. Remuneration will be
commensurate with skills, expertise and experience. The resource
should be able to work from anywhere, with ocassional corporate
meetings to discuss business related to their support work. Here is a
brief of the deliverables expected.

Joomla Technical Support

Joomla website testing
Keep content updated
Repair broken/dead links
Add new pages as needed
Product changes and additions as required
Installing and configuring new ad-ons (components and modules)
Update event calendars, breaking news, and photos
Update classifieds section with approved content
Addition of breaking news or upcoming events
Addition of photos, graphics, graphs, charts etc
Site face lifts and makeovers as required
Manage and maintain the homepage fresh for good turn over of customers
Routine finding and fixing of any bugs
Website accessibility, usability & security evaluations
Testing after every edit
General troubleshooting
Full weekly backup copy of data stored off site
Availability on short notice for urgent support work.

This position is to be filled immediately.

Broadband Internet-Ready 3-br Apartment For Sale

See details on their website here.

Location : Riara Rd, Lavington

Bedrooms: 3 no. (1 ensuite)

Large L-shaped sitting / dining room

Bedrooms with fitted MDF wardrobes

Kitchen with fitted cupboards, double sink (with instant water heater)

Bathrooms – instant heater shower, instant water heater in WHB

Unlimited broadband Internet installed

Tiled wash area

Balcony with great views

Tiled floor

Common Areas

Perimeter stone wall with electric fence
On site guards with radio and alarm backup
Gazebo and grassed play area for children
Parking space
NW&SC connection and borehole for endless water supply with 1×1000 litres tank and 1×4000 litres tank on ground, 1×1000 litres on roof top
Well-lit common areas
Flower gardens and many trees on site
Common areas cleaned and maintained