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Of Ebay, domaining, site builder, clicks, adwords …..

…. or something like that. I have been trawling the Net looking for ways to make some good old cash. Lots of stuff going on out there from affiliate marketing, eBay sales that should make you some zillions, domaining (you register some $1.99 domain with a super-catchy name, some big time corporate comes around and snaps it up for some serious cash), writing for e-zines ….. etc.

Did I miss any major cash cow? Oh yer, there are site builders, and site lists, and other complex software that helps you build your shop online and sit under a palm tree in Tahiti (with a chilled cocktail) while your Paypal account balloons. Did I memtion PPC, Google adwords ….. the list is endless.

For a newbie like me, it gets complicated. I just want to sit under a tree in my village as my account balloons. I must start writing full time, else I will forever be itching.

Just a thought!