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  1. Nyongoki on

    I wonder whether the number of pcs one uses can affect the speed when one uses a phone modem

  2. Guru on

    Thanks Nyongoki!

    I presume you wanted to comment on the Safaricom 3G post, but nonetheless…..Yes if you have a small network, say an office or cyber, you would need to purchase the Safaricom Broadband Router (Huawei E960). This offers more connectivity options up to 10 users in your network (even though this can go up to 32).

    Since this is a shared connection, as the number of PCs increases, the speed is lowered. So again the actual will depend on what speed you have managed to connect, then divide by the number of PCs (thats a rough estimate). More details on the Safaricom site.

  3. abdi yusuf on

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  4. Kriss on

    between Zain and Safcom, who offers the best internet connection in terms of speed?

    I hear zain has WCDMA and saf HSDPA. which is faster?

  5. pmugeni on

    Hi i want to purchase a usb modem model E220. which network is more effective the zain or safaricom?

  6. Kevin on

    I think safcom is faster caz zain is still using a 2G network

  7. insoto on

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  9. denis on

    We need to have Dr. Bitange Ndemo on facebook coz it seems that he’s one of the few govt officials who are walking the talk. We are also looking for a forum to appreciate him and others who are doing something to make our lives easier. cheers doc!

  10. Moyo mambo on


    Thank you for the summary of the draft Katiba. In glancing at the rest of your site, I notice you have a keen interest in things related to technology and the internet. Are you also as keenly interested in analyzing politics ( even though you produced this fine summary I don’t want to be presumptuous. If you don’t mind me asking, are you in Kenya right now or in the Diaspora.

    If you are, I would like to talk to you about a idea I have for business that you might be interested in.

    Thank you


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