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How To Change Password In Ubuntu 7.04 PC Edition (with Dual Boot Win XP Pro)

This assumes you have a dual boot with Ubuntu 7.04 and Windows XP Pro. This is a great guide.

Boot up the PC and at the screen to select the OS (assuming you have edited the grub to automate the daul boot)

Select the option Ubuntu, kernel 2.6.20-15-generic (recovery mode) or equivalent

Press “e” to edit the commands

The next screen displays three lines as below

root (hd0,6) or equivalent
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.20-15-generic ………….. ro single
initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.20-15-generic

Select the second line (starting kernel /boot/vmlinuz …..) and select “e” to edit

This takes you to the end of the line. After ro single type rw init=/bin/bash and press Enter

Then press “b” to boot into the shell. NOTE: You are now logged in as root, be careful with the commands issued here.

The shell looks like this


At the prompt type as below to display the usernames created in Ubuntu

root@none:/#ls /home

To change the password for user named admin100 whose password you want to set as linux!kenya type as below

root@none:/#passwd admin100
Enter new UNIX password: linux!kenya
Retype new UNIX password: linux!kenya
passwd: password updated successfully ( this is displayed if all is OK)
root@(none):/#reboot (this reboots the PC)

Now login to Ubuntu with your new password.

NOTE: To change the root password while still in the shell, type as below

root@none:/#passwd root
Enter new UNIX password: !@%^&jkjkireykjavik
Retype new UNIX password: !@%^&jkjkireykjavik
passwd: password updated successfully