Internet in Kenya

Fellow Kenyans! At least that is how I will be starting my speeches after my
inaugration…..but I digress. I wanted to create a new forum for the user
experience with Internet access in Kenya. Be it at home, at work, on the move, in your village, in a cyber, in school, in a cyber in the village, on your mobile device etc

Let us share and educate each other. Post in the comments section below and I shall update the post with the comments, editing for clarity, brevity and to remove repetition.

I would like to chronicle pre and post fibre optic cable Internet connectivity in Kenya.

NB: Am very keen on Linux users….am told you can “tweak” your connection speeds in Linux.

I shall go first….I work from my balcony at home (but I don’t say). Currently am using KDN residentail broadband solution, a.k.a Butterfly. They have installed a wireless modem in my crib, my laptop is wi-fi ready (of course), so I hook up from the balcony, bila shoes! They have various packages ranging from 100/- to 5K, I think. The difference is the speeds and duration of connection. Am currently on 2,990/- for a whole month, unlimited! Contact Icon Telesec, the service resellers and installers on or +254 20-386-0023 (office)

If only KDN could update their Butterfly website with these details, I would be happier. While I have yet to achieve the speeds Joe Gathu speaks of, am happy with the price / service. Once the FOC down the road from my crib is hooked to our gatehouse, am sure bandwidth will improve. We are currently on a wireless backhaul to the KDN network.

So post your expreriences below, and I will pick the items and update this post categorized by provider. Also feel free to email me your guest blog post for consideration as a full post on the same topic.

Happy surfing!

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  1. JOHNNY on

    Well,I think this is a great idea,you know to have part of the kenyan internet history chronicled for future comparisons and references.
    Ok here I go;I figured out Zain`s data services were the most economical for me and for my tarrif of choice;Uhurunet I pay ksh 3000/- per month (unlimited)having made a deposit of Ksh 5000/-(refundable at the end of one year,that is at the end of the contract)and got a Huawei E220 modem for Ksh 6000/- which is 3G enabled but the ZAin network still runs on Edge/GPRS only so maximum speeds of 29.5 KB/s.
    During the day my speeds average at 3-5KB/s and at night I get an average of 8KB/s.On several occasions I have experienced speeds as low as 100bytes per second but a call to customer care soughts things out within hours.
    Most of the time I use the service from my hostel at Egerton University,Njoro campus and the connectivity is efficient for both surfing and downloads.Currently the greatest anticipation for Data customers with ZAin (and other such ISP`S such as suffericom),including me is a full and countrywide network upgrade to 3G which would theoretically revolutioneze mobile internet experience.

    • Linda on

      How did you connect to your Huawei E220 modem to your linux OS? please help me on a step by step basis…and if possible, let me know bout the safaricom Huawei E220 modem hoping the same steps are the ones applied to zain… 🙂

    • abraham on

      I am interested in service to Makima if anyone has any information it would be a big help.

      • wachira on

        can elaborate where is makima,i verify whether there is a KDN base station in that area.

  2. johnny on

    oh and i almost forgot,about tweaking the internet speeds in linux,i dont think its possible.av looked around and about on forums but didnt come across any info on how todo this,actually if there does exist some internet tweak trick in linux,it will most likely be an equivalent of chucking the 20% percent bandwidth limit on windows as suggested by jaluo here; and for me it didnt change anything at all!!or did it work for someone??

  3. Rinkline on

    I have been shopping around for a service provider with affordable services availabe in rural Kenya – Ndagani Market, next to the Chuka University College – where i plan to set up a Cyber Cafe – but so far it has been great disapointmnet. All those nice things we take for granted in Nairobi are lacking in rural Kenya. When you are told to rely on VSAT to run your services, it makes the rural folk face serious set backs in their quest to access the Net. We hope the Fibre that is landing in June, SEACOM, will bring about alot of change.
    To all ISPs “We in Rural Kenya are Waiting for you”

    Any ISP with a WIMAX connection in this Locality?

    • Guru on

      I am happy to hear that internet services are in demand upcountry. From what I know, there is a fiber optic cable passing right on the roadside at Ndagani market. If the cable is not helping you serve your target market, then its of no use.

      Safaricom is rolling out a Wimax network countrywide, but I have no time lines. This would be a good connection for your cyber. Keep me posted via my email (see Contacts) on how your project goes. I would be happy to support you in any way I can. I will check with VSAT providers if they offer solutions for your kind of setup. VSAT is quite efficient in data transmission. Is your email

    • patrick wachira on

      KDN has wimax service on that side of chuka meru.

  4. JAMES on

    i have tasted most networks and for me the freedom is with butterfly i live in upper hill using my laptop wifi the net to me is just the best downloads of 256kbps and instant internet i use the cards for top up and also the kipepeo no its simply the best for telekom their modems are fast the current one for 3500 is not bad but can really be slow and during the day its 2/- per min thats a ripoff given its dial up but as long as u can dial kipepeo there is no need its cheap and fast zain are jocking thats 2.5G they better style up safaricom is even worse 3G but the catch is that u are charged per MB and the cheapest is 1000 thats very crazy if u update ur antivirus most of the time ur in real trouble zuku are still teething people are complaining orange is very expensive bvut one last thing if u want cheap internet via phone then get a 3G enabled phone(very expensive) with the fastest internet down load protocol in the world HS…

  5. Oliver Ogutu Omondi on

    Butterfly still remains the best internet connection if you do not want to part with much money and still get unlimited internet connection.I happen to work for Icon Telesec and I can always help you attain the best speeds for your connection using butterfly. Just send me an at or

  6. Rinkline on

    Since February, we have been shoping around for a service provider to provide us with internet services in UpCountry. Finaly we managed to secure the services of Kenya Data Networks though one of the Local ISPs in Meru Town (Mt Kenya Computers). Now am writting this comment from the now established Rinkline Cyber Cafe in NDAGANI MARKET, Meru South District.
    Through all this search, I have discovered that the secret is to work with the available service provider in the area you are, do not look at the already established providers in Nairobi, they may not have plans for your area in the near future. This so called “small ISPs” do all they can to offer the service.
    Now we are ready for the Fibre. SEACOM and TEAMS, Ndagani is now ready.

    • Guru on

      I couldn’t be happier for this development. My opinion is that we need to penetrate deeper into the country, as this will bring connectivity closer to the people. Maybe this can start urban-rural migration that we so much desire.

      The question still remains, what shall we do with the connections once they reach places like Ndagani, Meru South?

  7. Rinkline on

    At the moment we are taking time to introduce people to the internet, INTRODUCE thats the key word here.
    We have seen a keen intrest which is encouraging.

    We have now managed to overcome most of the initial problems of set up and are looking foward to offer better services now. It has been a tough first 2 months of on the Job forced training but we are managing.
    Support is now the challenge, there is very little qualified personnel upcountry, which impacts negatively on support. We are managing by outsourcing from outer towns such as Embu and Meru. We hope with time we can get people to support us here.

  8. Rinkline on

    @Eliud Wasike
    In one months time, the Fiber Optic Cable(TEAMs and probably SEACOM) will be ready for commercial use. Please, elaborate to all of us fans of this blog; What to expect and what to start doing to be prepared. These are aspects most people are leaving out of discussions.

  9. Christopher on

    Does anyone know the pricing and effectiveness of Safaricom wimax? Which provider currently offers the best wimax?

  10. Rinkline on

    I got a taste of their PRICING when I requested for a quote. They quoted a “dedicated” 1024kbps/1024kbps at Kshs. 75,650.00 per month with setup cost of Kshs. 23,500.00(for configuration and cabling); they will “give” the equipment to you “free” but you will have to provide a Router.
    I cannot test their effectiveness since I have concluded this to be way too Expensive for my line of work.
    Try KDN WIMAX, though I have not experienced it personally some of my friends have and are happy, so far.

  11. Tito on

    I’ve been using KDN Butterfly wi-fi and have to say it has been great especially as it is unlimited! Very good speeds, pre-SEACOM I was getting speeds of upto 256kbps and post-SEACOM I’m now getting upto 1mbps although during the free week it shot to 2mbps. All this for just KShs 2,900 a month. I read in this Business Daily article, , that the cost will go down to KShs 1,900. Has anyone verified this?

    If you are looking for an ISP, search for Butterfly wi-fi, if you can’t get a signal, call them and see if you can get DSL where you are. Prices are the same (although there is an installation fee I believe).

    • triplo on

      Yo must be working with KDN, right?

      • Tito on

        Haha, I only just saw this reply. When I reread my post it does sound like an advert but no I don’t work for them. If anyone from there wants to offer me a job I’ll take it though 😀 I’m actually a bit annoyed with them, my net has been down for 3 weeks and they never call me back with progress updates.

        Switched back to Orange and I’m amazed at how much the speeds have improved. So long KDN.

  12. viral on

    hey all, i use wanainchi online and the monthly charge of 2000/= if you have cable, or 3000/= if you dont, pliz if any one can help me find faster internet with download speeds of about 1mbps contionous without hickups email me at tanx all. my speeds go from 30-40kbps constant without any problems. its quite a good service provider at the moment.

    • Guru on

      Dear Readers,

      Since we all want unlimited 1mbps+ broadband, who is the provider doing this for REAL (not just lofty adverts). We want real tested connections. ALL the adverts are saying the same thing, but whats the feedback on the ground.

  13. Tito on

    KDN’s Butterfly is giving me speeds of around 2Mbps download and 512kbps upload. My downloads max out at around 190kB/s. It costs 2,320/= a month for both wi-fi and DSL. I’m using wi-fi but my friend on DSL says his speeds are around 1.5Mbps

  14. Tobias on

    Have you heard of Sovaya wireless broadband connections? probably not. Sovaya uses Wi-Fi to deliver “the last mile” and with great speeds. is my address, we could just have your answer!

  15. Buju on

    @ Tito how much does it cost for the dsl connection per month and installation cost. For butterfly do you have an external antenna, if so which one?

  16. Tito on

    The DSL connection costs 2,320/= for the standard connection and 3,400/= (approx.) for the premium. Installation is around 5,000/=. Wi-fi only has one tariff at 2,320/=

    I don’t have an external antenna for the wi-fi but I do have a high gain indoor antenna that I got from the UK. It cost me £50 (6,000/=) here’s a link to one

  17. Buju on

    I get a weak butterfly signal so a high gail antenna will help me out. On the dsl do they insist on a contract?

    • wachira on

      hi sir,
      i can get one for you as am a kdn installer

  18. Tito on

    I’m not too sure about DSL i’d advise you to contact I’ll post later if I manage to speak to my friend who is on DSL.

  19. Tito on

    Just spoke to him, there is no contract. You just pay the 5,000/= to get the modem.

  20. Buju on

    I will get it and try it. Whats the average speeds do i expect on the dsl line.

  21. Tito on

    Sorry for the late reply. My praise for KDN may have been too hasty. I’ve been down for the past week and support has been wanting (endless repeats of the same procedures with different people).

    To answer your question, you should get upto 1Mbps.

    • Guru on

      After many problems and false starts with KDN ADSL, I have opened the door to Accesskenya @ home. I am getting the equipment free, plus free installation. I will post the experience. They promise DEDICATED bandwidth! That sounds like music to my ears.

  22. Buju on

    I contacted kdn about the dsl connection and the wimax radio unit scared me this is what they charge.

    Wimax $ 1,250.00

    Installation fee Kshs. 20,000

    Integration fee Kshs. 3,500/-

    Kindly note that the above wimax can also be rented at Kshs. 2,500 per month

    Your monthly running cost for the 3-4 machines would be Kshs. 3,000 + VAT
    @ Guru is this the same quote u got from them? And can I get a wimax radio cheaper that this. $1250 is about 100k and access give it free. think its over priced.

    • Guru on

      The ADSL connection in my apartment is part of 32 units where I live. We got the back haul connection free, same for the wireless routers in our houses. No installation or configuration charges. Even though there less than 10 users in all apartments, we are getting crappy bandwidth.

      The quote must be for the Wimax backhaul they charge for corporate clients.

  23. Paul on

    I have a linux aspire 1 series laptop and I have no idea how to connect this machine on the net via Zain Modem. I have called customer care I think 2 million times in vain, even to the extend of emailing them and NOTHING those dudes and duddesses have no idea what am talking about and not TOO smart I might say. Sometimes I have to teach them some stuff!, so annoying….. I am sure its got to do with some internal settings on my laptop, maybe some LAN settings…..SO HELP ME OUT PEOPLE…Tired of hitting the sack without HALARING TO PEOPLE!.

  24. Wazza on

    Nice blog. I think i have made up my mind for kdn butterfly!

    • Guru on

      Thanks for the comment Alex. Tread with care, their customer service has been wanting in most people’s experience, still its great when it works.

  25. Wazza on

    @guru am unfortunate that am not any closer to the hotspot. A’m opting for adsl but i dont understand the difference in price. Does it cost 5k for modem?

    • Guru on

      The ADSL router costs may depend on who si providing you with the service. KDN work wiith resellers, so many things vary. Largely it depends on if they are getting business from a arge group of users, or if its an individual. Contact Icon Telesec, the service resellers and installers on or +254 20-386-0023 (office). Ask for Mark.

  26. Buju on

    @Guru. Am really interested it the current KDN offer but the cost of equipment is scary. they quoted 100k for wimax equipment and 38k for router. I belive its possible to get my own wimax equipment and router matching their specifications. What do u think.

    • Kupra on

      I was using KDN Wimax before and can sell you my unit at a cheaper price.

  27. wazza on

    The safaricom offer is really a s***. The fastest speed i get when downloading is 3kb/s. Evening opening google is a struggle on its own. i have to wait for 5 minutes. Safaricom are stealing from people money. I cant imagine spending Ksh200 on a 50cent per min cyber wich is 10 times far better than safaricom. Id even opt for zain or maybe orange modem. Is anyone exeperiencing the same problem as mine?

  28. Christopher on

    I too am experiencing excruciatingly slow speeds on Safaricom. Right now im planning on switching to Kdn but Ive been hearing complaints about Kdn. To anyone currently on Kdn, is it fast and reliable? And has the speed increased since the bandwith quadrupled?

    • Kupra on

      Am currently using Wananchi Zuku after frustrations from KDN. Except for a few downtimes I have had this week, I would say the service is worth what am paying for( about Kshs. 3,000. The download speeds ranges between 20-40kbps most of the times.

  29. martin on

    i have come across your site in efforts of searching for an appropriate service provider. i need wireless internet connection for my small office with 5 comps charging an affordable flat rate for unlimited usage. the location is uthiru. would you kindly advice.

    • Guru on


      You can check the following providers and decide one who suits your bandwidth needs, has great service and is within your budget.

      Wananchi / Zuku (, KDN (, AccessKenya (, Sovaya (, Tangerine (

      Hope this helps. Contact me for any further assistance.

  30. johnny on

    @Paul,What Linux Distribution are you using on your Acer Aspire one?I would agree with Buju,Ubuntu handles everything just fine,particularly the Ultimate Edition.

  31. johnny on

    For any Linux Distribution call: 0720 851 941,E-mail;;

  32. Rinkline on

    This is the fourth month post Seacom and Teams is “Being used by some service providers”. We are yet to see service providers moving out of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. The funny thing is that almost all of them are in a hurry to set up shop in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda leaving out the rest of Kenya out of the “Broadband revolution”.
    Is it that there is no market for Internet services out of this three cities or is it just a perception?
    Does it make economic sense to invest in this cities only leaving out the rest of the country?
    How can people outside these cities tap into the internet revolution?
    Any ISP with a different model from what is there now?

  33. hackedurserver on

    i hav bin using a huawei modem e220, to connect my comp with internet. at first i started with zain unlimited which was a big waste of time coz of the super slowness even offpeak times. tried orange 1sh/mb wich was a better bt ur hair would grow an inch before u connect. safcom came with the 200 for 24hr unlimited offer this was an early christmas gift for all internet users coz i could get to 509kb/s which hasnt happened b4 on a mobile network internet connection. so safcom guys if u can see this comment hook us up with that offer coz its the best

  34. Mini on

    For the past week I haven’t had to use my scratchcard code to access KDN wifi. Is anyone else getting free net? Is this another offer like the one in August?

  35. Jigsawman on

    Im getting free butterfly too,im getting 500kbps download speeds,this is to good to be true.Till this offer ends my comp will be on download mode 24/7

  36. Sean John Collins on

    Yesterday 2/12/2009 on Wednesday I decided to visit the epic center on westlands to sign up for Zuku. I met this wonderful lady by the name Stella. She has quite a good heart. After all the paper work I was told that the installation guys will visit me on Friday. That’s supposed to be tomorrow. I’m quite worried because I don’t know if they’ll indeed show up. As I write this I’m in the cyber cafe’ so I hope the next post will be at the comfort of my house. Oh and by the way they have slashed down their prices.

    • Guru on

      Couple of questions:

      Cost of installation?
      Cost if equipment?
      Data caps?
      Shared or dedicated?

      • Sean John Collins on

        Cost of installation: 2999
        Cost if equipment: Free
        Prosurf 256 kbps :1499
        Supersurf 512 kbps :2499
        Megasurf 1Mbps :4999

  37. Sean John Collins on

    Oh, I kind of forgot to tell you what happened.
    The installation guyz showed up just as they promised.
    Now I’m browsing at the comfort of my house but I’m very disappointed bcoz the thing is very very sloooooooooooooow!
    I’m on the prosurf bundle.

  38. Sean John Collins on

    Sorry, I meant supersurf bundle! which is 512kbs, 2499/-

  39. Guru on

    Sean John,

    The reason you are crawling is probabaly because te bandwidth is SHARED. I had wanted to sign up for Zuku, after hearing some nice things, but they confirmed to me the bandwidth is SHARED. I have official email form their Sales team.

  40. Guru on

    Sean John,

    The reason you are crawling is probabaly because te bandwidth is SHARED. I had wanted to sign up for Zuku, after hearing some nice things, but they confirmed to me the bandwidth is SHARED. I have official email from their Sales team.

  41. Patricia on

    Zuku network is super slooooooooooooow!!! I too signed up for a supersurf bundle but in order to watch just a movie trailer from youtube, I have to wait all night long! Even loading some normal web pages is a very big problem. I’m very frustrated with ZUKU.
    I have a question;
    Now that the istallation guys fixed that thing on top of my roof, if I switch to another ISP will I have to pay for another installation or can the other ISP just use the current one? If no, what do I do with it then?
    Pliiiiiiiiiiz answer, I need to know!

    • Guru on


      Sorry about the con game that is going on in Nairobi in the name of Broadband. I almost signed up for Zuku, after a friend had rave reviews about their super fast connection, but I did not. It is unlikely another ISP will use the same outdoor equipment, so if they charged you, too bad. The new ISP will have their own equipment, so if you ditch Zuku, you are stuck with the equipment, depending on what you signed up for.

      BUT demand service from Zuku don’t let them of the hook, you are entitled to exceptional service.

      • Patricia on

        Thank you very much.
        Can you suggest me other ISP offering quality speeds at reasonable charges?

      • Guru on

        The more I study ISPs in Kenya, the more uncertain it gets as to who is best. Also, “best” is subjective, depends on your needs, budget and other factors. I have also learnt that the same ISP performs differently in different locations, so it may be worthwhile to contact the ISP and ask for references, maybe near where you live. Since most of the use wireless technology, the performance is impacted by many factors, as happened in your Zuku connection. Many people are extremely happy with Zuku.

        My shortlist would be : Access Kenya (ask for Joyce 0721.348.699), Tangerine (ask for Njeri 0722.588.046), KDN (ask for Georgeanne 0734.830.427), Sovaya (ask for Tobias 0721.992.457). You just have to try and see who works best for you. Let us know your experience. Good luck.

  42. Patricia on

    I’ll surely do that.
    Thank you very much for your assistance.

  43. Neil martin on

    What is the highest internet speed of the kdn butterfly much is it?how much is the installation price?per month? Please help.

    • Tito on

      I get upto 2Mb/s when it bursts but usually it’s steady at 1.5Mb/s If you use wi-fi, there are no installation costs as you just need a wireless card. With DSL there is an installation fee of 5,200/= I believe, but that’s only if your area is already wired up.

      Monthly payment is 2,320/= unlimited.

    • patrick on

      5mbps box installation ksh25000

  44. Dahlia on

    Any positive Zuku reviews? Is there minimal guranteed bandwith on the quoted speeds. I’m really eyeing the ‘Prosurf’ but am a bit daunted by the negative previews.

  45. Uno on

    Here is my review of what a CON game data access is in Kenya.
    Started with Safaricom. What assholes. They figure most Kenyan’s know jack about data usage measurement and what constant data access means. Installed three data usage measurement devices on my pc. All three confirmed that Safaricom effectively leaks MB’s so if u buy 1GB, rest assured you will have about 720MB’s available to surf. The rest is lost in data leakage. Don’t believe me, leave your modem on and shut down all applications that need internet conectivity to function. Slowly but surely they’ll leak the data from you. What is worse is when you are actually surfing. Then they have ways to leak extra data from you. Downtime was more often that uptime. Overall, they are shyte and criminals.

    Access Kenya: Signed up for the 1Mbps evening’s deals. Was charged for 1Mbps, but slowly I started noticing my speeds trickling down. Well I guess they forgot to tell all their technicians of the con game they exhibit. One guy I spoke to said that I was initially on 1Mbps, but that I had put in requests that I be dropped to lower speeds. Duh, only if I had asked for such would it make sense. All around another con game. What makes it worse is that as a network engineer myself, I have the tools to test what is being provided and the up and down times. Luckily I quoted the Access Kenya people that their advertisement specifically stated that for all the downtime in a month I experience, they would not charge me. They initially refuted this until I produced the paperwork they had signed and stamped.

    Zuku: Cheap but that is about it. They work in the same way as Access Kenya. Speeds drop, however, downtime is less frequent. Only thing I dislike is that they are sooo f’in slow and their advertising is so false. Signed up for 1Mbps. First they had to bring in the elite team to do the installation. Then every other week I complain of how slow the speeds are. If I am lucky, I get to about 20kbps. However, they are also getting good at the con game and sometimes the speeds don’t even get to 5Kbps. Overall con games a plenty.

    So I hope one day a good and reliable internet service provider comes into the market. Most know that impunity works and so they deceive in whatever manner they can. Shame that not many understand the logistics of data. And what is even worse, this country lacks a strong consumer support bureau who would stand up for the wananchi.

    Well slowly but surely, they are leaking this country dry and sinking it into the bottom of the ocean.

  46. Paul Wamai on

    I was about to signup for Zuku connection and I am glad I came here. Can somebody give me a recommendation for a good network that does well with skype video calls. I have used Zain which is extremely slow and poor on skype video and sometimes skype voice calls are highly distorted too. I have experienced similar problems with safaricom although a little better than Zain. I am currently using orange but although better than the other two, I still don’t have good quality calls especially during peak times. I also would network the internet with other three workstations in the home. Any ideas on good inexpensive internet in Nairobi (Buru area) are highly appreciated.

  47. Tabasamu on

    Your info is all we need to understand this whatevers.Can some one explain to me the best modem or broadband for people like me living in Chuka inside shags kidogo to take.Am interested in online business as full time and kids for games downloads so i would like something good to unlimited.Please not upcountry guys are not pocket good

    • Rinkline on

      I run a Cyber Cafe in the Chuka area (Ndagani Market) using the KDN VL 5.4.
      Get in touch. Guru will forward to you my email.

  48. martin on

    could anyone out there assist with reading materials on the cict (proffesional) kasneb exam? im so frustrated with networking and connectivity to the point of going to back to books, to read find out and may invent superiority. get to me on 0752 876 258.

  49. Ronoh Tony on

    For a real broadband internet connections just hook up with butterfly via ADSL2+ network especially in apartments in Nairobi and Mombasa, GPON access if you leave in Runda estate , Box for soho and sme all products of KDN .You experience internet like neva before.

  50. Ronoh tony on

    We do butterfly, GPON, Box connections

  51. Mohamed Maawiy on

    Hi Guys , im on Access Kenya 1mbps its decent apart from the price… im thinking of moving to Orange Live box … has anyone used it? what are your experiences? Im more interested in link stability and low latency ping times especially to uk servers. On AK its about 250ms to UK with about 5-10ms of jitter ( One more thing NAT type has to be open with no port restrictions

  52. Toni on

    Hi guys, I am a guy who heavily relies on internet for survival. of late, I have tried a dozen of ISPS and I now need to have BOX from KDN as the last resolution as the others have disappointed me a great deal. who is an an area covered by BOX or butterfly? If you are, please let me know, I will make it worth your while. Email me

  53. Buju on

    Am currently on zuku’s 1mbps link connected on fiber and the speeds are way above what i subscribed for. At some point I get 10mbps but never below 1mbps. Average I get about 3mbps and they have nice customer care crew.

  54. Toni on

    where are u staying Buju?

  55. Buju on

    What I did is I looked for a building zuku have fiber on and then i man a wireless bridge from there.

  56. Toni on

    U’ve never had problems with ZUKU? soem ppl report that their connection is down most of the time?

  57. Buju on

    I also heard but its issues with wimax. Most pple are on wimax, am on fiber and it rocks.

  58. Nelson on

    On the Kdns Butterfly Optic Xpress:

    – is 512k (kshs. 1,999) good for a cyber with 6 comps. Also, for those who have connected, how big are the receivers/masts they put. I rent a business property and the landlord will not accept something bigger than the tv aerial on top of the building.

    Please advice me.

  59. Nicholas on

    Hi, Can i get KDN wimax around Maseno area? i was thinking along the lines of VSAT but it damn tooo expensive for me. Please advise on the cheapest internet connection i can get for a site of 25 computers. Thanks

  60. Nq on

    need an internet connection in KIsii any help

  61. lexx on

    hi, am currently using a zuku wimax.its terrible..i need to experience those speeds u talking about..need change advice

  62. maina2010 on

    Can someone help me to install orange evdo ac2726 on ubuntu 9.10 netbook remix

  63. mwaura on

    hey anyone in need of internet connection please contact paul mwaura from orange kenya he will assist you on either landline connection,livebox purchase,modems and desk tops call him on 0771

  64. Noah Ogori on

    I have read and I am interested to give a trial (no obligation) to anyone who needs a stable and plug and play solution on iBurst. 0715685011/0735383963.

  65. Zachary on

    i have the solution,
    wimax equipment and radio are expensive if you buy them from ISP
    i can sell to you half the price
    charging $1250 is very expensive
    we can sell the same at $800 all you have to do is to take the radio to ISP for configuration
    you can contact me on 0722317248
    or email

  66. VSATnWireless on

    Greetings Everyone and thumbs up to the big man this is gud stuff..finally a place where instead of rubbing the mouse on the mouse pad impatiently you can actually post your grievances as well as your wonderful experiences.nimeona some wanalia some wame bambika deadly..for those crying there is one connection that will never let you well irrespective of remoteness and terrain..armies use it,banks and has for a long time been associated with corporates because of the cost not many residential users dare to dream about it…but habari ndio hii..there is a VSAT solution here in Kenya that focuses on users who need bandwidth from 128 kbps which is 4k/month technical so i wont swing in the one shilling trick to make it fall in the 3k bracket .. instead i will head on straight to the Nightmare ..SUPPORT.. in business they say the customer is always right but as far as net is concerned,support is there to prove you wrong ..unless you win or give in.
    .. i have heard of people who pay for months worth of net and spend a month or more discussing ticket numbers with support staff.
    internet is all about availability speed and security but the many tears i have seen are mostly about availability and speed.
    availability..there could either be a strong signal,a weak signal or no signal at all
    speed..could be faster than you subscribed 🙂 just right or sloooooow from the o’s i have seen in the above posts i think the more the o’s the slower it is. but note that the mistake we make is get exited when we luk at the big numbers in kilobits per second kbps and we go ahead to connect 4 or 5 computers to a 128kbps expect it to be not just fast but fst.
    before you choose the speed you want .. know what you are getting urself into eg is the connection shared or dedicated?then on ur side ..tell them the number of comps to be connected.the only problem is if you cant afford the next package you will be convinced to the get the lower speed you can afford and add oo’s to the word slow.
    one thing i came to realise is that the better your relationship with that guy who comes to do the dirty job..the quicker you are sorted when your connection goes down.
    otherwise for those talking of Sloooooooooooooow net and down time talk directly to the person who set you up or sold you the unit..not sales or support get a name..gudluck

  67. plasma on

    pay per use will definitely win.unlimited is disapointing.used a mobile operator jana and i got around 256kbps on average was downloading at 38KB/s while browsing.and no it was not safcon

  68. mutuku on

    for any wimax, vsat cctv,vhf/hf two way radio communications me at,,

  69. abba on

    does anyone want net in their apartments or workplace wireless n enjoy roamin around

  70. Telekom on

    nice info thank you

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