Anyone for Tangerine?

The new kid is Tangerine, a Lonrho-house based ISP that is promising “Broadband. Experience more”. There are the usual promises of “real” broadband using Wimax technology. Sounds great to me, so far.

Business packages are as below. For the Premium plan for large corporations, you would have to call for pricing.
512 MB 5,120/=
1Gig 10,200/=
2Gig 20,400/=
3Gig 30,600/=
5Gig 51,000/=
All prices exclusive of VAT and taxes.

The business plans, enjoy video/radio streaming, chat, emails and speeds upto 1 mbps download! You are also priviledged to 5 free email addresses*, free domain
switching*, free anti-virus. Anti spam protection (* subject to subscription of 2Gigs and higher)

Residential broadband solutions are as follows.

64 kbps 4,900/=
128 kbps 7,900/=
256 kbps 15,900/=
512 kbps 19,900/=
All prices exclusive of VAT and taxes.

CoolCONNECT residential package allows you always on-connection, shop online, video / audio streaming, chat, leisure browsing

Beyond that they offer domain name registration, web hosting, virtual private networks and point-to-point links.

Let us wait and see the uptake of this service. Tangerine contact : Tel: + 254-(02) 341760/2, Fax: +254-(0) 3417267, E-mail:

Does anyone have any experience with Tangerine?

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  1. Mike on

    Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

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    • Tangerine Limited on

      Hey Mwenda;

      Thank you for the above analysis. We could not have done it better. We at Tangerine do appreciate reviews from both the market and our clients.

      It is in this view that we extend to you an offer geared towards giving you a first hand ‘real experience’ of what ‘true broadband’ is all about. This I believe will answer your question above…

      You can also check out our new products on both and incase you have a settlement in Uganda, you can visit

      Thank You and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU


  2. muf on

    anybody tested tangerine? pliz do give us your reviews….

    heard of…anybody? reviews?

  3. decay on

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    • Guru on

      Thank you sir, I will strive to write to enlighten other like-minded souls on the Net.

  4. james on

    I think tangerine is definately one of the few companies that could be giving the type of broadband connection that they proffess to give.
    I ran a cyber and for the few months i have been been hooked to tangerine i have no tears to shed in respect of net speed and stability.
    the packages they offer are highly flexible.
    In as much as they are affordable i wish they could still make it cheaper

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